How to convert WebP to jpg

WebP is a new image format for the web that provides superior lossless and lossy compression. WebP lossy images are 25-34% smaller than comparable JPEG images. But still some browsers like internet explorer and safari and some other programs don't support WebP format. So sometimes we need to convert it to jpg or png. Here I am showing some ways to converting a WebP image to JPG.

1. Using the Microsoft Paint Tool

  • Right-click on the WebP image and open with Paint
  • Now click the file menu (Top Left corner)
  • Click Save as and select JPEG Picture
  • Then type the name and save.

The disadvantage of using the paint tool to convert WebP image to jpg/jpeg it increases the size much more the original jpg or png image.

2. Using the web browsers

  • Simply open your WebP image to any web browser that supports WebP like Google Chrome.
  • Then right-click on the image on the browser and click Save Image as.
  • Before saving select save as type All files (*.*) and Rename your file name with jpg extension.

This process will not increase your file/image size much.

3. Using Online Tool

You can easily convert your WebP image to JPG from You can also convert your images in different format like:

PNG to WebP

GIF to WebP

JPG to WebP


WebP to PNG

WebP to JPG


Converting WebP to JPG in is not increase your file size and give you lossless compression.

4. Using WebP to jpg converter software (Windows Only)

You can use simple and small (67KB) desktop application Multiple WebP Converter and Multiple WebP decoder to convert your WebP to JPG and more other formats like PNG to WebP, GIF to WebP, JPG to WebP, TIFFto WebP, WebP to PNG, WebP to JPG. Here you can find the video guide. 

The advantages of using this application are 

  • It is fast
  • can convert multiple images at a time
  • Can convert different format
  • Can use offline

5. Using the libwebp library

By the following video, you will get a guide to use libwebp library to encode images to WebP as well as decode WebP to other formats. 

More official documentation:

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